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Water Orthotics

  • Orthotics Price : $159.00
  • Deposit: $50.00

Designed to be wet, these orthotics for water sports are supportive and water proof, perfect for neoprene booties, waders and water shoes. The water sport orthotics have a nylon shell with rear foot stabilization and full length HDC waterproof top cover.

Water sports like windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, fishing and rafting require foot orthotics which can provide comfort and biomechanical control while being durable enough to withstand constant immersion in water.

Common foot disorders like metatarsalgia, neuromas, arch pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis) can all be addressed within the unique footwear common to water sports. Neoprene booties, fishing waders, water shoes, and even old sneakers can be fitted with our water sport orthotics. Our unique water sport design is superior in materials and craftsmanship and designed to provide years of hard use. All Foot Dynamics orthotics are also reconditionable.

Ordering is Simple! Place your order online or by phone at 888-477-0282 and we will send the impression kit via Priority Mail. Your credit card will be charged $50.00, which will be applied toward your final order price. When you receive the kit, simply follow the enclosed instructions, fill out the Order Information Form selecting the orthotic model(s) you want and return the kit with the enclosed shipping label. We will fabricate your orthotics and ship them to you within 3 days. Your card will be charged for the balance of the order value plus actual shipping charges.

Each pair of foot orthotics is custom made to your provided foot model and guaranteed for comfort, fit and performance for one full year.

Have questions about which model is best for you? Email us, or call 888-477-0282 Mon. thru Fri. 8:30AM to 5:00PM MST. We're here to help you!

If you would like to order your Orthotic by mail, fill out this form and mail it to us.

What Sets Foot Dynamics Orthotics by Mail Apart from Other Labs?

It's simply our foot impression process. Other mail order companies use a foam "crush box" to capture the foot shape. This process, while used by some medical practioners, often captures a "compensated" or poorly aligned foot position. This is especially true if not done by a skilled technician. As a result, the orthotics may not correct your foot biomechanics properly.

Our unique A.C.T.™ pillow system is easy to use and insures an accurate foot model time after time. Foot Dynamics fabricates orthotics for a number of nationally respected sports medicine and physical therapy clinics. All of them use this same A.C.T.™ process to make the foot impressions. This process has proven itself over the past 16 years with thousands of successful patient results. (Click here to view "Impression Kit Instructions")

"Yeah, we're very happy. It seems counterintuitive that the most effective of the orthotics I've had came from the kit you sent. I've twice before had running orthotics prescribed at a sports medicine clinic and they helped somewhat but didn't completely do the trick. And things happened like the layer on top separated from the plastic, or the bladder popped in the case of gel orthotics. Now I'm logging 50-mile weeks of running in addition to 100 miles of biking, swimming, and weights (getting ready for an Ironman®). I keep thinking surely the old Achilles tendonitis or runner's knee that I had are going to make themselves known, but not a twinge in a year and a half. I refer quite a lot of people to you. I hope they're buying."

Chris MacAskill
Mountain View, CA